Kerr MacGregor Award for Solar Innovation 2017

Congratulations to the Winner of this year’s award goes to Dr Faisal Ghani on Neural Network Modelling of a Latent Heat Solar Thermal Storage System.
Congratulations also to Jeurgen Schleppi was Highly Commended for his project Solar Conversion made on the Moon.
The innovative content of both projects were exceptional. Faisal’s research to use artificial intelligence to learn and then predict non-linear behaviours of latent heat storage systems, had a slight edge on immediate energy impact, and its application can be for many other systems as well as solar thermal.  Jeurgen’s research is a start on a long journey to potentially help future generations (should we colonise the moon) but we were most impressed with the hands on aspect of his work, something that Kerr himself would have done, to get his hands dirty and make something to test!