Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative is organizing a large scale solar photovoltaic (PV) project on Edinburgh roofs. ECSC plans to install up to 1.5MW of solar PV on 25 public buildings that have been investigated with the Council.  The buildings have been selected to provide good income generating capacity, on buildings spread all around the city and used regularly by communities.

ECSC has been working with Energy4All,  a not-for-profit social enterprise that helps community groups to develop, own and operate renewable energy co-operatives in the UK. The installation contract has proved quite challenging and they wanted to get it right.  Two installers were vying for the work (this is a big contract) and it proved difficult to choose between them.  ECSC decided to let each visit all the sites and come back with a firm price i.e. one that won’t increase during the structural design stages.  In this way they can be more certain that your money will be invested as proposed in the share offer.

Emtec has been approved as the preferred supplier and ECSC will be proceeding with them subject to contract.  The Board has also approved Onsite Renewables to project manage the construction.   They hope to complete the design work in March and all being well the panels could start going on the first buildings in May.

The object of the scheme is to raise £1.4m and install on 25 public buildings in the next year to Dec2016.
A very ambitious project, now under way.

For more information, please visit the Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative website.